Split w/ Smoke and Mirrors

by Austin Parish

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Split w/ Smoke and Mirrors. Winter 2012.


released December 21, 2012

Self-recorded, mixed, and mastered.



all rights reserved


Austin Parish Fort Wayne, Indiana

Independent singer/songwriter from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Track Name: Gun
Right at the crack of dawn
I started loadin' my gun
And poundin' on my chest and shouting to the West
"You better tell that son of a bitch to run!"
You could smell it on my clothes like cologne
The scent of cheap whiskey and cigarette smoke
And I know if I shoot then I'll be alone
But my decisions been made and I'm on the road

If nobody told you then I hope they tell you soon
You know you gotta fight for yourself
And fight well

It must've been 'bout 3 or 4
That I arrived standing outside your door
I peaked in the window and saw you,
Lightin' a cigarette looking pretty like you do
When the door swung open I was surprised
Not to find a look of terror in your eyes
You just stood there with a gun said,
"Let's have some fun."
And you assured me I was gonna die

The fight was over, it was said and done
Who knew my death would be the product of love
You didn't say a thing except, "I'm glad that you came."
Poured some gas and lit a match
Then I went up in flames
Track Name: I Can Tell There's A Light
I can tell that there's a light
You may not agree
But it shines inside
Like houses on shorelines out at sea

Every time we dive
In for more we come out with less each time
So stop your stupid way of thinking that I do not think

I can tell that there's a light
That's bright as day and dark as night
I know that it's inside
So let it out and let it shine

I can tell that there's a light