We Both Feel The Same

by Austin Parish

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released February 16, 2015

Self recorded, mixed, and mastered.



all rights reserved


Austin Parish Fort Wayne, Indiana

Independent singer/songwriter from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Track Name: Coney Island
When people hear my name, I know just what they're thinking
'Cause we both feel the same, that I'm inevitably sinking
I wanna be a better man and stop telling myself I can't
I wanna be a better friend, someone kind of like Ian

Sometimes when your nights don't end
Well that's what you get when you get good friends

We walked and walked, it never stopped
Smoking cigs and passing cops
When you said that you understood
I knew my shitty life was getting pretty good
Track Name: Walk Straight
I can't help but walk around when I'm thinking about
Everything that ever was and how I feel right now
There's an open seat on the bus if you wanna go downtown
It'd just be the two of us, we could ride for hours

The constant change of scenery helps me lose my direction
Changing buildings into trees like photographs collected

We could get some coffee and find band names in book titles
Or we could rent a movie and not watch it at all
'Cause I think I kinda like you and I would love to talk
When you're ready to go home, I could walk along

The constant change of scenery helps me lose my direction
Sidewalk cracks bleed into streets like open wounds neglected

The constant change of scenery reminds me of my direction
Looking down at my feet, walking straight just like they said to
Track Name: Same Place
Can I have your heart as a parting gift,
From this so-called life I've been parting with?
I've never felt the fear of death 'cause it ain't there
I'm like a dog who's stuck in heat,
In reverse and on repeat
I hate to say I've gotten used to it

But you know when you don't know what to do
Just say "I want what's best for you"
And when this haunts me like a ghost
I will hold the memory close

Blood mixed in with liquid gold
At first it's hot but then feels cold
It's an unparalleled sensation
I'm at war with my own head
Welcoming the bullet in
But a shaky hand does not agree

If you don't know what to say
Don't feel guilty walking away
I would probably do the same
Seeing you in my same place